Responsive image maps with roll-overs

February 26, 2013

One of our clients asked us to create an interactive map of the US for use on their website. The map needed to be divided into different regions, and when the user clicked on any of those regions they would be taken to a page showing the corresponding sales representative. Initially it seems as though this would be a very basic task that could be achieved with an image map ... until we realized that we needed to highlight certain areas and the design had to be responsive. Read on to learn more about the solution we crafted for this client.

Spell checking in Flash/Flex: Adobe Squiggly

November 14, 2011

Adobe Squiggly is a Flash spell-checker library released by Adobe Labs. It adds common spell-checker features to Flash/Flex text controls such as highlighting misspelled words and word-suggestion. This is probably the best (free) available option when developing for Flash 10 or newer. In order to use this library you must first download it from the official site:

Using Remote Shared Objects from Flex and .NET

December 21, 2010

This past week our team was playing around with integrating Remote Shared Objects (RSO) and WebORB. An RSO is an object that lives on the server. It resides in the scope of a messaging application clients connect to. More than one client can connect to an RSO and all of them will access to the data in the RSO. We used WebORB for managing the RSO and providing access to the RSO for various clients. We came up with a small online version of the “Add a word” game that uses RSOs to build a sentence as well as manage user turns.

Adobe Flex Best Practices

August 15, 2008

Our team has been in the process of developing a set of Adobe Flex best practices for quite a while. There are several posts on the internet that address this issue. These posts range from best practices for setting up the project to naming and coding conventions. The following posts are the ones we identified as the most useful and better prepared:

Install Adobe LiveCycle Data Services with Apache Tomcat web server

January 15, 2008

Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES is a very nice complement to Adobe Flex if you are planning to develop Enterprise Solutions. In this blog entry I’ll describe the process to get LiveCycle working with the Apache Tomcat web server.

LiveCyle Data Services comes by default with Adobe JRun. You might wonder why we didn’t user JRun. Well, first of all, JRun is only free for the developer edition while Tomcat is completely free.

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