We'll help you communicate your message so it reaches the right people effectively. You create the content, and we'll make sure it stands out. We focus on two types of visual communication:

Communicate a Message

A message can be communicated in many ways. We feel like we've done them all! Anything from creating a logo, to laying out a brochure,  to developing a fully-fledged website, we've done it.

  • Create web presence: We use the latest responsive techniques to develop a web presence suited for desktop, tablet, and mobile. One website that serves all different technologies, and it always looks great.
  • Visual Identity: Based on each customer needs and preferences, we create a unique logo, a master style guide, and a set of standards that can be used in all communication, be it either paper-based or digital.
  • Printed Material: Based on your company style guide we can lay out any kind of brochures, triptych, and all sort of marketing materials.
  • Add flexibility to your web management (CMS): You need a new website but you are afraid of the cost of maintaining it? The best solution is to implement a Content Management System that takes the edge off the web site maintanance. It makes it a breeze to add, edit, or remove content. No need to learn HTML, CSS, or any kind of weird acronyms, just open the browser, select an option to write new content, and start typing like on your regular word processing software.


Communicate Knowledge and Skills

This type of communication focuses on transferring knowledge through a learning activity. We use different tools such as Adobe Captivate, Trivantis Lectora, Adobe Flash, or create everything from scratch using just plain html and SCORM. Our team has a strong focus on creating e-learning content such as:

  • Web-based training: We support several of our clients on the creation of web-based training. We usually create a custom process for each client, but in general, the client provides us with the instructional design documents (storyboards) and we create all the visual elements and animations to make sure the message is carried.
  • Mobile training: We can also create content to be distributed online. For cases like this we use the PhoneGap Framework, which let us create standard content using html, css, and javascript and then we are able to export it to multiple mobile platforms at once.
  • Training Management: If you don't have a Learning Management System in place we can help you installing and customizing one. We mostly work with Moodle, but we are familiar with other choices.
  • Interactive Simulations and Video games: There are times were the best way to transfer knowledge is by the use of simulations or video games. Our company has been involved in the development of educational video games since it's inception. We've created instructor-lead simulations as well as stand-alone education video games.


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