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Our goal is that you can improve your business efficiency in the most cost effective way. Business optimization is a cycle, and we can jump in at any time. We can start by performing a system analysis and process modeling, or if you've already finished these steps we can jump into software development or even creation of reports. No matter your needs, we'll make sure we'll take care of them.

1. System Analysis

An information system consists of several interacting elements that process data and provide information for an organization. The information system is composed of inputs, storage, processes, and outputs. A common misconception is to assume that the information system is just a computer-based application, otherwise known as software. Software is only one component of the greater system.

We use a comprehensive approach in the design and development of information systems. We don’t just consider the isolated area that will be using the information system because we know that each part of your organization is interrelated. Instead, we use a requirement analysis to gather information about your entire organization, its processes, and how you use technology.

2. Process Modeling and Reorganization

Based on the System Analysis results, we write our recommendations and design a unique, customized system that will work well with the culture and workflow of your organization. Generally, the optimization of an information system involves the development of software; but there are cases when the best solution can be attained just by rearranging resources or modifying existing processes.

3. Software Development

No matter the technology, everything is about the process. At Anden Solutions we use a flexible, iterative development process that combines the best features of a variety of information system development methodologies. Our process is extremely effective in reaching the design goals of our customers, even for those customers who are having difficulty defining their requirements. It allows us to shorten the development cycle and use less programmer time, while at the same time producing a more functional, higher quality software.

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, the development iterations could vary from 1 to 6 weeks. At the end of each cycle, we review the output with you to get your feedback. Most of the projects involve a team of developers, including an information systems engineer, a graphic designer, and 2 to 4 programmers.

Based on the plafform, we categorize software in three ways:

  • Web: including web sites and web applications. We can use technologies such as php, .Net, java, jsp, javascript, flash, ruby, and others.
  • Mobile: we target mostly the two dominant smart phone platforms: iOS (iphone, iPad), and  Android.
  • Desktop: by desktop we mean the applications that run from your computer. We use either .Net (c# or vb.net) and java.

4. Reporting

There are cases when you may already have software in place and only need to access specific information. Our team can create custom reports that directly access data already existing within your database and pull the right data.  We are familiar using several report writing tools, such as Crystal Reports, ActiveReports, Oracle Reports, Unify Report Builder (Gupta), and many others

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