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Anden Solutions collaborates with

July 12, 2009

Florence, KY - Anden Solutions has been awarded a contract with to improve the performance of their Flex-based software. As a part of this contract Anden Solutions will modularize VirtualSalon's existing application and will also create a series of new modules that will add new functionalities to the application. Among these new functionalities, Anden Solution will create a new login system, eCard application, notification emails, and role management modules.

Anden Solutions to Collaborate with the Center for Educational Technologies

April 1, 2009

Anden Solution has been awarded a contract by the Center for Educational Technologies at Wheeling Jesuit University to develop and improve software and a website for the CyberSurgeons™ Mission. CyberSurgeons is a real time distance learning simulation developed for the National Institutes of Health that targets high school science students. The CyberSurgeons Mission uses Adobe Air technology to deliver a realistic experience to its audience by transferring real time data and communication from Mission Control to classrooms all over the country.


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