Damian Piccolo and Esteban Yofre publish article in Adobe.com

April 6, 2011

Damian Piccolo and Esteban Yofre from Anden Solutions LLC have published a short article about “Accessing remote shared objects from Flex with WebORB .NET” in Adobe.com.

This article, initiated at Midnight Coder’s request, is a short tutorial about Remote Shared Objects (RSOs) and how to use them from either the client or server side. It guides users in the development of a small application based on a simple word game that will access and modify RSOs using from client-side (ActionScript) and server-side (C#) code using the WebORB Integration Server to marshal the communications between client and server.

More information of this tutorial, as well as an example of the live application and access to the source code can be found here: http://www.andensolutions.com/index.php/blogs/add-a-word-game/.

Midnight Coders, Inc is a leading provider of integration technology that enables universal client-server connectivity for desktop, browser and mobile clients. Developers from around the world use their technology to easily expose services, data and media located in private data centers or the Cloud. Their technology enables businesses to deploy their rich applications to market faster with greater business success. They are the creators of WebORB.

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