Online Label Designer

January 17, 2011

Anden Solutions LLC has developed an innovative online designer tool using Adobe Flash technology. With this application, you can select a template and then customize it online, adding backgrounds, texts, clip-art, etc. You can easily add some text, change the fonts and colors, add transparencies and gradients, apply effects, and many other features.

This application can be easily customized and integrated into any website so you can design graphics for print materials such as postcards, labels, t-shirts, etc. This application can also interact with online carts such as Volusion.

In addition to the web interface, Anden Solutions has also developed a back-end application that lets administrators upload/change backgrounds, fonts, and/or clip art. Using this back-end tool the administrator can also create templates for new products on the fly.

You can interact with a limited version of this application here.

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