Designing Anden's website

February 19, 2013

We are still working on the new website. It's always more difficult to design your site than one for your customers. It must be because you are aware of all the options availabe, and there are an unlimited number of options!

We had already decided to use Drupal for the Content Management, so now it is time to come up with the look and feel of the site. The most important features we want to include in our design are:

  • Modern look and feel. Graphic design standards change with the times. We definitely needed a more modern and airy look.
  • Ease of use: We wanted the website to provide our customers an easy path to show how we can help them with their needs.
  • Responsive design: This was one of the most important features we wanted in our site. Our goal was that the website should provide with the best viewing experience accross different devices. We identified three different layouts:
  • Desktop: with a resolution of more than 1024 pixels wide
  • Tablet: with a resolution of less than 1024but more than 769 and 481 to 768
  • Cell phone: with a resolution of less than 480 pixels wide.

It took more than three iteration until we were happy with the graphic design.  Now it's time to start creating a Drupal theme and hopefully soon we can start adding content. For the theme we decided to create a subtheme of AdaptiveTheme. It was a close call between Adaptive and Omega3, but some out of the box features from Adaptive suited better our needs.


some stats

lunches with clients this year
dances in the rain this year (very rainy!)
songs in our music library
graphic pieces created this month
carafes of coffee per day
dog walks this month (and counting)