Distress Screener for the Cancer Support Community

March 18, 2014

PPS LogoFlorence, KY- During the past three months we have been really busy developing a custom web application for Patient Planning Services (PPS), a Cancer Support Community company. This HIPAA compliant system allows PPS to create custom tools to measure stress level in cancer patients. The Distress Screener tool will be rolled out to hospitals all over the country in the next month and it's estimated that will reach millions of cancer patients during the next three years.

This application was designed using responsive web design, meaning that it provides an optimal experience accross different devices such as desktop computers, tablets, and/or cell phones. In order to achieve this, the frontend of the application was developed using HTML5 and Twitter Bootstrap version 3.0 framework. The backend of this application was programmed using Java and runs on a MySQL database. In addition to this, the application also generates patients and doctors reports using JasperReports.

Patient Planning Services (PPS) is dedicated to ensuring comprehensive, quality care for patients with chronic and/or debilitating illness. PPS works with patients, health care providers and community organizations to provide education, tools and support that are backed by a team of researchers and that utilize the latest technologies.
Patient Planning Services is an independent company created by the Cancer Support Community (CSC), the largest nonprofit employer of oncology mental health professionals in the United States.

Anden Solutions is dedicated to delivering custom-made, high quality, and affordable system solutions. The company specializes in designing and developing web applications, simulations, and educational video games.

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